Barcelona, ​​Palermo prisoner escaped from prison captured after a daring manhunt


By John

The escape of a 26-year-old man from the prison in via Madia lasted just under two hours. Around 5.15pm yesterday, Filippo Raccuglia from Palermo, arrested in March 2020 in the capital and detained in Barcelona since May 11, evaded the surveillance of the officers to flee on foot after having climbed over, during exercise time, a wall of the third section of the walking courtyard.

Once the alarm was immediately raised, some officers chased the fugitive who, after having traveled along a stretch of Via Madia, took Via Ugo Sant'Onofrio in an attempt to cover his tracks. An intense hunt for the escapee by the police, carabinieri and penitentiary police immediately began: the man, who was wearing a blue sweatshirt at the time of his escape, which was then abandoned on the street during his escape, was caught inside the courtyard of a mechanical workshop on the same street.