Municipality of Catanzaro, the Mixed Group makes “proselytes”. Will it be able to play a role in the verification?


By John

Period of political verification at Palazzo De Nobili but also of changes within the council chamber. These are not shifts on the opposition-majority axis (at least for the moment), but rather of ferries towards the Mixed Group, sometimes a prelude to further future transfers, as if it were a temporary decantation chamber, sometimes a simple landing point for independents.
Already about ten days ago, these columns were reporting shifts towards the Mixed Group, both from the majority and the minority. The councilor Raffaele Serò already in the past few weeks he has registered his exit from the group “I choose Catanzaro” (Talerico area) to enter the mixed group where the councilor has been for a year Rosario Mancuso and where the group leader of “Volare Alto” ​​is also arriving Anthony Courses. This list, composed and presented at the 2022 elections by the lawyer Giuseppe Pitaro, has in fact chosen to merge with a federal pact to Italia Viva. A step that was in the air given Pitaro’s adhesion to the party. A choice shared by a part of the members of the formation but not by Corsi who, when interviewed by telephone, reported that he did not intend to join this new project, deciding to move to the Mixed Group. In fact, “Volare Alto” ceases to have representatives in the Hall of Palazzo De Nobili, pending any future agreements that see Italia Viva as the protagonist at this point.