Municipality of Lamezia, Gargano leaves… reluctantly


By John

«The die is cast». She is now convinced of this former Councilor for Culture Giorgia Garganor who is officially out of the Mascaro Administration. After ten “technical” days had passed since he submitted his resignation, and despite the mayor trying not to accept it, the former councilor of the Mascaro council definitively registered his resignation. Irrevocable. And this is why the spirit of “civism”, which four years ago had pushed her to get involved and above all to serve the city, has now decayed. The adhesion of the mayor and two other municipal councilors to Forza Italia thus made his presence within the Executive “incompatible”. And this, certainly, not lightly. And yes, because after four years of work, sacrifices, meetings, now the time had come to reap the fruits.
«Many things remained pending – explained Giorgia Gargano to the Gazzetta del Sud – starting from the library, we hope that whoever comes after will not let them fall.
This is my bitterness: I knew that the role would end in May 2025, and I had planned with initiatives that are still underway, which are now left pending. Other initiatives already carried out needed a final cure, which I hope will happen. I am thinking for example of the Documentation and Study Centre, which is within the Casa del Libro Antico and has done a great job, strengthening all the private archives which have been donated and which we are digitising.».
Former councilor Gargano has a bad taste in his mouth. «Next week the new website of the library was about to go live, which will contain a gigantic mass of documents, maps from the 18th century, historical drawings, such as that of the former Russian theatre, incredible material, which will be made downloadable from the internal website of the library. This is one of those projects that I would have liked to bring to completion.”
Another initiative created and described with great pride by the archaeologist Giorgia Gargano is the Arabic language and culture school for children created in the library.