Municipality of Vibo, wanted… councillors


By John

The difficult round of consultations by mayor Maria Limardo in an attempt to complete the council “halved” by resignation of the three councilors of Città Futura which have substantially opened the crisis of the municipal administration. The boxes to fill remain those for Public Works, Culture and Events and Social Policies. Three very difficult knots to untie for the mayor who is trying in every way to complete the government team to give way to the last part of his administrative mandate. A complex phase, characterized by a climate of general distrust not only and not so much for the mayor, but in regards to an administrative process that proved to be more difficult than expected. Well, in recent days Maria Limardo has contacted various members of the center-right. And the names of eligible councilors promptly skipped came up. Between these, Maurice Bonanno who had been identified to cover the Culture box after the vetoes of Città Futura and not only for other figures deemed less qualified; Giusi Fanelli, lawyer and current president of the Pro loco who, already two weeks ago had denied his possible interest. “With the administration – he specified – we share the same purpose with different identities, that is, to make the territory grow”.