Musk-Zuckerberg fight: yes, but where? Even Cateno De Luca ‘is a candidate’: “Let’s do it in Taormina, in the ancient theater”


By John

Taormina is also a candidate to host the long-awaited event of the year of MMA (martial arts) combat between the two social media billionaires, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Yesterday the mayor formalized the candidacy of the City of Taormina Cateno DeLuca, which made the Teatro Antico available for this duel, which according to what the two protagonists predicted should take place in an “epic place” in Italy. For this reason Pompeii, Riace, Ostia Antica have already proposed to welcome this struggle, Verona too would be interested in coming forward and now it is the turn of Taormina which in turn proposes the Ancient Theater.

Initially, the duel seemed destined to take place in Rome, at the Colosseum, but this idea foundered and now the competition has opened between other places in the country, because in any case the clash will take place in Italy, and among these there is Taormina , which offers the availability of the Ancient Theater during the days (five a month) in which it is now up to the Municipality to decide which events to propose in the archaeological site. “Do Musk and Zuckerberg want to fight in an epic place? I have already given my availability for Taormina and indeed I officially announce it to the organizers who will then decide. At the Ancient Theater of Taormina it can be done and it could be the perfect location for this event. We set only one condition: we are willing to grant the Ancient Theater to Musk and Zuckerberg, on condition that they donate at least ten million euros to the hospital in Taormina, to safeguard in particular the Pediatric Heart Surgery centre, therefore to help children” .

This is the position of the mayor who thus launched Taormina in the competition between some Italian locations, among which it will be decided who will have to welcome the martial arts fight between the two social media magnates. The decision will then most likely be the Italian government, which in the meantime has ruled out the possibility of having this meeting held at the Colosseum, as it seemed certain at first. There was then talk of the Circus Maximus, still in the capital, but now Rome would not be in the running and so Taormina too is trying to enter the evaluations for an event which could then determine an important return both in terms of image and economics for the area where will play the expected appointment.