Murder in Santa Cristina d’Aspromonte, the site of the crime. The motive is being investigated


By John

The target of this morning’s ambush in Santa Cristina d’Aspromonte was undoubtedly Francesca Romeo, the doctor killed while returning home after her shift at the emergency medical clinic, together with her husband Antonio Napoli. According to what transpires from investigative circles in light of the investigations carried out, in fact, the distance from which the rifle shot was fired “did not allow for errors”. The shot pierced the windshield on the passenger side. A second shot was fired from the side, again towards the passenger. Meanwhile, the husband’s interrogation has concluded. The prosecutors maintain maximum confidentiality regarding the outcome of the interview

A crime that is currently inexplicable – “strange” as one investigator defines it – that of Dr. Francesca Romeo, killed this morning in an ambush while, in the car with her husband Antonio Napoli who was slightly injured, she was returning home after her shift at the Santa Cristina medical guard of Aspromonte. Anyone who knows a husband and wife who had no children speaks of respectable, reserved people. Nothing, therefore, that could justify an ambush carried out with ‘Ndrangheta methods but which, according to the investigators’ initial hypotheses, would not be linked to organized crime. The magistrates of the Palmi Prosecutor’s Office directed by Emanuele Crescenti and the investigators of the Reggio Calabria Flying Squad and the Taurianova Police Station are now trying to reconstruct the doctor’s life, her knowledge, to try to give a reason for the murder. The investigators spoke to the husband this morning in the hope of receiving useful information from him to direct the investigations towards a defined path