Navalny’s widow: “Alexei killed by Putin with Novichok, I am his heir”. That’s what the deadly nerve agent is


By John

«My husband was killed by Putin». Alexei Navalny’s widow points the finger without hesitation at the Kremlin, suggesting that his death may have been induced with the use of Novichok, the nerve agent that already appeared in the previous poisoning of the opponent in 2020. And in a video released on social media she announces that she is ready to take up her husband’s political legacy, on the very day he lands in Brussels to participate in the Council of Foreign Ministers of the EU. Meanwhile, Navalny’s mother, reported the dissident’s former spokesperson Kira Yarmysh, was told that the body will not be returned to the family for another 14 days, during which unspecified “chemical tests” must be carried out.

Yarmysh added that the same mother and the opponent’s lawyer were prevented in the morning for the second time in three days from entering the hospital morgue in the Arctic city of Salekhard where, according to the Russian opposition website Mediazona, the body would have been brought already in the late evening of February 16, the day of death in the IK-3 penal colony. According to Yulia Navalnaya, whose eight-minute video immediately went viral, these postponements confirm that the authorities “are pettily lying while waiting for the traces of yet another Putin’s Novichok to vanish.”

A reference to the poisonous substance implicated in attacks suffered in the past by Navalny and other opponents, such as the one in Great Britain in 2018 against the former Russian spy who had defected, Serghei Skripal, and his daughter. But then Navalnaya made it clear that she was still not certain about the method used: “We will certainly find out who exactly and in what precise way carried out the crime, we will name the names and show the faces”, she promised.

The organization for the legal protection of prisoners Ovd-Info has launched an online petition to ask for the prompt delivery of the body to the family and said it has already collected over 60,000 signatures. But when asked to respond to the family’s request, Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said that the Kremlin has no jurisdiction in the matter.

“The investigation is ongoing and all necessary actions are being taken in this regard,” assured the spokesperson, judging the accusations leveled against Putin by Western countries as “crude”. “These sentences, of course, cannot cause any harm to our head of state, but they absolutely do not give a good image of those who make such statements,” Peskov further stated.

In her video message, Yulia Navalnaya therefore said she was ready to take up her husband’s baton. “I will continue his work, I will continue to fight for our country, and I invite you to stand beside me,” he said, adding that he wanted to build a Russia “as Alexei Navalny imagined it, full of dignity, justice and love.” She was subsequently welcomed in Brussels by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, who remembered the dissident as a “warrior” and condemned what he called “the brutality of the rogue Kremlin regime”.

«Yulia Navalnaya is a woman who wants to continue fighting to defend freedom in her country and has reiterated that Russia is not Putin and Putin is not Russia», said Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani for his part.

The head of the Farnesina added that, on behalf of everyone, the high representative for foreign policy Josep Borrell «assured her that we will continue to support the right of expression in Russia, to be able to wage political battles and we will ask for the release of all political prisoners.”

The Farnesina announced that, on Tajani’s instructions, the chargé d’affaires in Russia, Pietro Sferra Carini, honored Navalny’s memory by placing flowers in Moscow on the Solovetsky Stone, a monument to the victims of political repression, as they did other Western diplomats. US President Joe Biden has announced that the United States is considering further sanctions against Russia over Navalny’s death. While former President Donald Trump broke the silence on what happened, however, avoiding criticism of the Kremlin and interpreting it rather as a sign of the collapse of the United States itself: «Open borders, rigged elections, unjust court decisions are destroying America, we are a country in decline”, Trump argued on his social network Truth.