Catanzaro, Petriccione’s chance: “I quickly adapted to Vivarini’s game”


By John

Its natural environments: Serie B and a team that always plays football. Not that he didn’t do it in Crotone, but Jacopo Petriccione in C was a waste: for the qualities he possesses, because he is still in the prime of his career (he will turn 29 next week), it is right that he is on a higher level. «When the call from Catanzaro arrived I thought about many things, it wasn’t easy to leave as captain of Crotone, but I thank the club for giving me the chance given that, on the other hand, the ambitious and important project of this club has made everything is simpler.”
The director was a necessity in the winter transfer market dictated by Ghion’s injury: «I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him yet because he’s not here (he’s undergoing treatment in Cesena, ed.), but we’re all waiting for him, he’s strong, he impressed me both last year and this year.” The two are very similar in terms of characteristics, so much so that Vivarini would have wanted Petriccione already at Ascoli in 2018: «He told me a few things, namely that in his opinion I am perfect for his type of game. I was struck by the desire he has to dominate matches, even the most complicated ones, against anyone, this is synonymous with great strength”, explained the twenty-eight year old born in Gorizia, who grew up as an attacking midfielder in the Cagliari youth team, then dropped by Semplici to Fiorentina: «Before I was more dynamic, in Viola they put me in front of the defense and everything came as a consequence, now as a playmaker, midfielder or even further forward there is no difference, it matters how you play», explained the boy who Modric seems far away, but whose idol is Iniesta.
Jacopo arrived in the Giallorossi the day before the match against Palermo: «Full stadium, beautiful atmosphere like the championship, things that influenced my choice». Against the Sicilians, Spezia and Ascoli, three segments with increasing playing time like the performances (see assist in the 3-2 last Saturday). It’s all part of an integration process: «In theory it is complicated to join a group that has been together for years, but it is also simpler due to the aspects that are consolidated. And then I also think I’m perfect for the characteristics of the coach’s game, who always wants the ball on the ground and leaves the midfielders at the heart of the maneuver. Little by little I will try to understand 100% what he is asking for.”
Certainly, in addition to his qualities, he didn’t lack motivation: «For me it was more difficult to go down to C than to go up to B. Coming back here gave me enthusiasm, I wanted to compete in a category that I think is mine because I’ve always done it.” He hoped to return there already a year ago with Crotone: «The problem is that the record-breaking Catanzaro was in front of him». The same team that is confirming itself on the upper floor: «The revelation of the championship. As a newly promoted player it is normal that the primary objective is survival, it is the most important thing and you can understand it from the effort that clubs with bigger budgets are making. Then when you’re up there it’s also normal to always want to play, so being able to face the playoffs would be fantastic, they’re the best phase of this tournament.”
Against Sudtirol another step can be taken in both directions: «But I expect a match similar to the one against Ascoli», he warned. It will be a battle and Petriccione is ready. Maybe even to be in the starting lineup.