‘Ndrangheta: 49 year old found dead in the countryside in Corigliano Rossano, today the autopsy on the body of Carmine Morello


By John

Carmine Morello he would have been lured into a deadly trap. They continue at a fast pace investigations into the death of the 49-year-old from Corigliano Rossano found dead in the countryside. The man, already involved in operations ‘ndranghetawas found lifeless yesterday morning in a countryside area between Mirto and Cropalati in the Cosentino area. All traces of him had been lost since August 9th when he never returned home.

Investigators found a text message on his cell phone in which he was given an appointment and asked to leave the phone. This is what he did: he left his cell phone in his friend’s shop and went away on his motorbike.

It was last August 9th. Not seeing him return, his family members raised the alarm and investigations were started. Yesterday morning his lifeless body was found in a countryside area, in the Strange area, between Mirto and Cropalati. The 49-year-old was hit by a hail of bullets. Morello had been involved in the “Stop” operation of the Catanzaro DDA but was later acquitted with final sentences. An autopsy will be performed on the man’s body today.