‘Ndrangheta, the white lupara cases of Salvatore Di Cicco and Andrea Sacchetti: three arrests in the Cosentino area


By John

Two cases of white lupara. Two men made to disappear forever in 2001 as part of a synergistic relationship between the mafia gangs of Sibaritide and those of Cirò Marina.
Two cases on which the Carabinieri of the ROS and the provincial commands of Cosenza and Crotone shed light with the arrest of Rocco Azzaroa leading exponent of the Corigliano Rossano clans, and of Giuseppe Spagnolo and Giuseppe Nicastri important figures of the ‘ndrangheta “local” of Cirò. The repentants made statements regarding the bloody events Nicola Acri and Ciro Nigro.

Salvatore Di Cicco, he disappeared from Sibari on 1 September 2001, without leaving any trace. The investigators have reconstructed the motive, which developed in the mafia context of the Sibaritides, in a system of alliances between associations operating in the Ionian area of ​​Cosenza, with the backing of Cirò’s ‘ndrangheta articulation, the so-called “Crimine di Cirò” directed at era from the hegemonic FARAO-MARINCOLA clan. The murder would have taken place, on the same date as his disappearance, in Crucoli (KR), where the man had been taken on a pretext, then shot with gunshots and the body subsequently hidden.

It was Salvatore Di Cicco who was sent to Crucoli to negotiate the purchase of weapons Eduardo Pepe, a member of the Cassano-Sibari clan, thus causing him to fall into a deadly trap set for him by Spagnolo and Nicastri. And it was always Pepe who killed, this time physically, Andrea Sacchetti on a farm in Sibaritide. This is what former Rossonese boss Nicola Acri, an accomplice in both crimes, says.
Eduardo Pepe was subsequently murdered together with Fioravante Abbruzzese in Cassano during the feud that saw the Abbruzzese family opposed to that of the Forastefano.

Andrea Sacchetti disappeared from the municipality of Rossano on 6 February 2001, without leaving any traces. The Carabinieri have reconstructed the reason to be traced back to the control of the trade in narcotic substances by the hegemonic clique in the territoriesor. Also in this case the murder would have taken place, on the same date as the disappearance, inside a local farm, where the young man had been taken on a pretext and then attacked with gunshots, with the subsequent concealment of the corpse.

The investigations were coordinated by the Catanzaro anti-mafia prosecutor’s office led by Nicola Gratteri.