New hospital in Cosenza, Caruso and Mazzuca: “The TAR has given more strength to the city council for the choice of the Vagliolise site”


By John

“The TAR has given more strength and credibility to our battle on the choice of the site on which to build the new hospital. He recognized the commitment of the Municipal Administration and the Municipal Council as sacrosanct. He ruled on the recognition of the legitimate interest of the Municipality (contested by the Region), believing that we were right to act in the interests of the citizens”. The mayor stated this in a joint note, Franz Carusoand the president of the City Council, Giuseppe Mazzucain the aftermath of the Calabria Regional Administrative Court ruling on the construction of the new hospital. The inadmissibility of the appeal due to the lack of relevance of the interest is, in fact, a necessary action since the outcome of the new feasibility study does not yet exist and therefore the exclusion of the Vaglio Lise website. The TAR will enter into the merits of the issue if the new feasibility study were to identify another site than VaglioLise.

“The TAR – continued Franz Caruso and Giuseppe Mazzuca – has, in the meantime, recognized Cosenza’s interest in seeing the new regional Hub facility built in VaglioLise. In fact, it confirmed our thesis, according to which the Municipality itself must be able to participate in the process of locating the new hospital. Even the Region, which had also excluded the Municipality from the procedure, agreed on this. Through the regional attorney’s office, which had to admit the mistake.”

“But there is more – insist Franz Caruso and Giuseppe Mazzuca – The TAR addressed two specific warnings to the Calabria Region: accepting our strong concerns about the delays in the construction of the new hospital, he invited the Region to proceed without delay and, furthermore, he recalled that the Court of Auditors will intervene on the damage to the treasury, which may result from an improper administrative procedure”.

“Regarding this – conclude Mayor Franz Caruso and President Mazzuca – it is completely clear thatand the Calabria Region is imposing an absurd and unjustified delay on the construction of the new Cosenza Hospital, running the great risk of no longer having the necessary financing. Therefore, starting from the objective assumption that the problems concerning healthcare cannot be the subject of political conflict, we hope that, for the common good, these partisan views will be overcome for which it was announced that there would be a robbery in Cosenza and to its vast urban area a fundamental infrastructure, such as that of the light rail. As far as we are concerned, we do not intend to be accomplices of those who, only for political interests, would like to penalize the people of Cosenza, preventing the implementation of an infrastructural modernization work to guarantee primary services, such as health care and the right to mobility sustainable”.