Al Pacino will pay 30 thousand dollars a month to his girlfriend Noor Alfallah for child support


By John

Al Pacino he will pay to his girlfriend Noor Alfallah 30 thousand dollars a month for child support. This was revealed by the New York Post, specifying that A Los Angeles judge also awarded the 29-year-old a lump sum of $110,000 to be received immediately before continuing with monthly payments, plus $13,000 a month for overnight help and an annual $15,000 education deposit.

Pacino, 83, became a father for the fourth time in August when Alfallah gave birth to a boy, Roman. Although the two are still a couple, writes the NYP, the woman asked for custody of her son in September: as established by the court, the 29-year-old will have primary physical custody of the child, and she and Pacino will share legal custody. It is not the first time that Alfallah has been with men much older than her: she also dated Mick Jagger for some time, and then with Nicholas Berggruen. Pacino – who has three other children, Julie, 34, with Jan Tarrant, and twins Olivia and Anton, 22, with Beverly D’Angelo – called the newborn a “very special” miracle.