Nicotera, offices “hunting” for documents: the commissioners start the work


By John

At Palazzo Convento, the municipal headquarters, the entrance door is barred until 11am and employees are all around the photocopiers to prepare the material requested by the commission and to be delivered by 12pm on October 20th. Thousands and thousands of photocopies to be made available to the triad who, essentially, asked to have on their table copies of all the documents produced by the Council, Executive and Offices from the first day of taking office of the Marasco administration until last October 5th.
Meanwhile, as the community prepares to experience another difficult season, the deputy mayor Marco Vecchio took the reins of the situation into his own hands, trusting in the mayor to take a step back with the revocation of his resignation. While waiting for possible developments, the council’s opposition groups take the field. Above all, the guilty mayor ends up in the crosshairs, according to the councilors of “Movi@vento” (Antonio D’Agostino, Salvatore Pagano and Maria Buccafusca), of «escape of Schettinian memory. That our group – states group leader D’Agostino – has, over the course of these four-odd years, denounced the institutional incorrectness of the majority, overflowing into actual violations of laws and regulations, is well known, having systematically given an account of it in the media. But from here to thinking about criminal infiltration, which in our country has the additional attribute of mafia, shifts the question quite a bit.”
Consequently «the appointment of the prefectural commission – he continues – worries us and challenges us; but, above all, it hurts us as members of a community already heavily marked in recent years” for which “while placing trust in the work that the prefectural commission is about to do – he adds – we can only hope that elements do not emerge that once again lead to a shameful condemnation for the entire municipal council which would inevitably reverberate towards the electoral body and the entire citizenry that the same body has represented in recent years”.