Non-potable water in Catanzaro, here are the areas and neighborhoods where it is prohibited for food use


By John

The mayor of Catanzaro Nicola Fiorita issued an immediately executive order which limits the use of water for drinking purposes distributed by the Catanzaro municipal water network in the following areas and neighborhoods: S. Elia, Pierà, Janò, Pontegrande, Pontepiccolo, viale Pio until the conditions of conformity are restored.
In particular, the water must not be used for food purposes, washing and preparing food, oral hygiene, washing dishes or kitchen utensils, washing healthcare equipment, washing children's objects (baby bottles, baby food containers, etc.). It can instead be used for cleaning the house and the functioning of sanitary systems, as well as for personal hygiene with the exclusion of oral hygiene and the purposes mentioned above
The mayor's measure became necessary following the note from the ASP Prevention department which communicated the results of the tests analyzes carried out on water samples taken in the Cafarda area of ​​Catanzaro which highlighted non-compliance with drinkability parameters. The samples, according to what was reported by the Prevention department itself, will be repeated tomorrow, Wednesday 12 June and only in light of the results will it be possible to establish whether or not the water will return to normal use.