Nordio, “It’s bizarre to call me a ‘punisher’ of the prosecutors”. On prisons: “The monitoring of the barracks has already begun”


By John

To think “that a minister who has been a prosecutor for 40 years becomes a ‘punisher’ of his colleagues is at the very least bizarre”says the Minister of Justice to Corriere della Sera Charles Nordio. «My extraordinary inspections can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Or a little more – he assures -. It is true, however, that I have announced inspections in cases of leaks and confidential interceptions, which fortunately have decreased in recent months. Perhaps also as a result of this deterrence, which obviously works”.

The Keeper of the Seals believes “puerile to invent non-existent contrasts” with Meloni, «in the vain hope of making us nervous or maybe even arguing». “We are in perfect harmony with the premier – Nordio makes it clear – and we talk regularly”. Rumors of his resignation “are the Pavlovian reflection of those who fear the reforms we are preparing,” he says. But “don’t delude yourself – warns the minister -. We will carry out the reforms, as per the timetable».

Also on the prescription – he explains – “we will bring it back to the substantive law, as a cause for extinction of the crime and not for inadmissibility”. On the double suicide in the Vallette prison, «as far as I could understand, everything due had been done. But suicide prevention is practically impossible,” admits Nordio. “It must be said, however, that our prison situation is the sedimentation of decades of indifference, not to mention errors, negligence and exaggerated economy”, he explains. “If I had the magic wand and enough money, I would immediately build at least fifty model prisons”, but “no one wants them close to home”, explains the Keeper of Seals. “It is easier to hire two thousand prison officers and take advantage of existing spaces”, and “the monitoring of the barracks has already begun”.