Nothing to do for Akademia Città Di Messina against league leaders Perugia: At the “PalaBarton” it is 3-0 for the hosts


By John

Bartoccini-Fortinfissi Perugia – Akademia Città di Messina: 3-0 (25-16, 25-22, 25-19)

Bartoccini-Fortinfissi Perugia: Messaggi 0, Traballi 10, Atamah ne, Sirressi (L) 0, Lillacci ne, Viscioni ne, Ricci 3, Braida 0, Bartolini 10, Montano 13, Cogliandro 8, Turini (L) ne, Kosareva 10. All. Giovi, Ass Marangi.
Akademia City of Messina: Battista 7, Martinelli 0, Catania 5, Ciancio 0, Modestino 1, Felappi (L) ne, Mearini 2, Payne 14, Joly 2, Rossetto 3, Maggipinto (L) 0, Galletti 2, Michelini ne. All. Bonafede, Ass. Ferrara.
Referees: Claudia Lanza and Giorgia Adamo
Set duration: 22′, 27′, 25′
MVP: Maria Irene Ricci (Bartoccini-Fortinfissi Perugia)

In the seventeenth round of the women’s A2 tournament, coach Bonafede’s girls fell to the “PalaBarton” in Perugia defeated (3-0) by the league leaders Bartoccini-Fortinfissi. Last round of the regular season on Sunday at the “PalaRescifina” against Futura Busto Arsizio to close the first phase of the championship in the best possible way. Coach Fabio Bonafede: “Difficult week due to commitments on the pitch and long trips. Nothing changes when it comes to the play-offs.”

Akademia Città Di Messina is unable to conquer the taraflex of the “PalaBarton” of Perugia. At the end of a match well managed by the Black Angels, the Messina team must honor the strength of the hosts who repeated the success of the first leg by winning the three points with a clear 3-0.

Akademia’s third match in six days certainly had an impact on the progress of the match as, after the battle of Macerata, they found themselves facing a real steamroller. Perugia, to be honest, didn’t give the feeling of being able to leave anything behind during the three sets played, always controlling without any particular worries and effectively countering Messina’s play. Deserved success and confirmation, perhaps definitive, of first place in the group.

In the starting six, for the hosts from Perugia, coach Giovi relies on Ricci as director, his opposite Montano, central players Bartolini and Cogliandro, place 4 Traballi and Kosareva, libero Sirressi; for Messina coach Bonafede deploys Galletti as director, opposite Payne, central defenders Martinelli and Modestino, place 4 Rossetto and Battista, libero Maggipinto. Departure in p5 for Perugia, in p4 for Messina.

In the first partial, starting with a few too many errors on each side; three of the first four points came thanks to the lack of precision of the two teams (2-2). Ricci relies on Montano’s attacks, Galletti on Battista’s. The first double advantage goes to Messina with Payne (7-9). An attack from the center by Bartolini and an error by Galletti suggest to coach Bonafede that it is time to call the first time-out of the match (12-10). Montano and a block from Bartolini give the home team the maximum advantage (14-10). Messina is in difficulty: Payne shortens, but Bartolini and Traballi force Bonafede again into a time-out (16-11). Kosareva warms her arm on serve and two of her aces arrive in succession (19-11). Perugia walls Rossetto with Bartolini and coach Giovi sends to the Messaggi service; another block arrives with Cogliandro (21-12). Coach Bonafede raises the second line with Ciancio in place of Battista, Payne tries to keep the partial alive, but Montano and Traballi maintain a wide gap (23-14). Coach Giovi replaces Ricci as director with Braida and Kosareva gives nine set points to his team (24-15). Bartolini returns just in time to witness Payne’s closing error (25-16). Best scorer is Payne with 6 points, behind Kosareva, Bartolini and Montano on 4. 8 errors by Perugia, 6 by Messina, 4 blocks and 2 aces for the Umbrians, 0 in the box for the Sicilians.

In the second set, sextets confirmed for the two coaches. More errors at the start on both fronts; an attack and a block from Payne send Messina +3 (2-5). Coach Bonafede changes Martinelli by inserting Catania. Kosareva and Traballi send very precise signals and Montano, from place two, finds the touch out which means overtaking (8-7). Not very incisive game for Messina; Montano again and a point scored in a precarious balance by Traballi grant the home team the double advantage (10-8). On Payne’s error and Perugia’s plus three (12-9), time-out for coach Bonafede. Ricci varies his choices: Traballi, Cogliandro and Bartolini hold a few points below Messina. Payne and Rossetto twice find parity (13-13). A pipe with the usual incredible elevation from Payne pushes Messina to overtake (14-15) and coach Giovi calls the time-out for the first time. Battista gains the double advantage with an attack that finds the touch out of the opponent’s block (14-16). Payne replies again from place 6, Kosareva places powerfully and deeply where no one can get there (16-17). Catania strikes, Kosareva responds again (17-18). It’s time for the service of place 4 Kosareva who with two aces allows Perugia to put their nose dangerously ahead (20-18). Bartolini’s block is one of those that leaves its mark, but Messina reacts with Battista who finds the opponents’ high hands (21-19). Coach Giovi tries the Messaggi card again for Bartolini after Battista’s error (22-19). Ciancio takes over the athlete from Bergamo, while Traballi and a diagonal shot from Montano put Perugia within a point of the set (24-20). Coach Bonafede changes and inserts Joly who repays with a block (24-21). Braida takes Ricci’s place, while Traballi makes a mistake. Cogliandro finished fast (25-22). Best scorer Payne with 14 points, behind Lucumi and Kosareva with 9. 12 errors for Perugia, 15 for Messina, 6 blocks and 5 aces for the Umbrians, 2 blocks for Messina.

In the third set, coach Giovi confirms his confidence in the six who won the first two sets, coach Bonafede leaves Joly in place of Rossetto and Catania for Martinelli. Cogliandro passes twice and Messina seems to have to immediately leave the field open to the league leaders and instead manages to regain parity thanks to some errors by Perugia and an inspired Catania (6-6). The break point still belongs to Perugia: Montano and Traballi twice gain the first Umbrian lead in the set (11-8) and coach Bonafede calls a time-out. Traballi doesn’t miss a beat, plays on the block and the home team maintains a gap of at least three (12-9). Mearini takes Modestino’s place, Messina defends itself as best it can against a team that doesn’t notice any drops (16-13). Ciancio on the pitch for Battista, but Perugia continues to extend the lead (18-13). Nothing is going well for the Sicilians and when Ricci saves with an acrobatic play of the foot, it is clear that the evening belongs entirely to the leaders (19-14). In the final, coach Giovi resorts to the usual substitution (Messages for Bartolini), Mearini has time to reduce the first half (21-16). Braida replaces Ricci and Montano places an ace in front of a less attentive opposing second line (23-16). Catania in fast extends the match (24-19). The match ends with a slash ball that Battista gets blocked by Ricci (25-19). Best scorer of the match was Payne with 14 points, immediately behind Montano with 13. MVP of the match went to director Ricci. 21 errors on each side, 9 blocks and 6 aces for Perugia, 3 blocks for Messina.

Post-match, the coach’s statements Fabio Bonafede: “We faced a great team, but we weren’t at our best. It was a difficult week due to commitments on the pitch and long trips. We aimed to leave Perugia with a result and we didn’t succeed. Nothing changes in terms of the playoffs: we reached them and now we live from game to game.”