Nyt: Prigozhin’s plane shot down by a bomb explosion


By John

Crashing the plane Wagner’s boss was traveling on Yevgeny Prigozhin it probably was an explosion on board the aircraft caused by a bomb or from another device planted on the plane. The New York Times reports it quoting American and Western officials, according to which President Vladimir Putin ordered the destruction of the plane in an attempt to kill Prigozhin. However, a definitive conclusion on what happened is not yet possible.

Meanwhile, the body of Yevgeny Prigozhinwho according to Russian authorities was aboard a private jet that crashed yesterday between Moscow and St. Petersburg, would have been identified with “circumstantial evidence”, but the confirmation can only come from the DNA test. This was written by the Russian news site Fontanka. The site, which claims to have spoken to a member of the investigation team at the crash site, stressed that the bodies found are charred and therefore visual recognition is not possible. A Telegram channel, «VChK-OGPU», claims that an indirect sign that one of the bodies found is that of Prigozhin is that he is missing a phalanx of a finger.