Last days of relaxation for Prime Minister Meloni. Then the puzzle maneuvers with the government in search of resources


By John

Find resources to set up the second maneuver of his government. It will be the priority of the agenda of Giorgia Meloni when next week the executive restarts the engines after a couple of weeks of summer standby. The premier is spending the last days relaxing with her family in Puglia, not too far from where Matteo Salvini is, and would have planned to leave between today and tomorrow to end her holidays elsewhere. The rumors lead to the Island of Elba, where she has already been last summer, but there are also those who talk about a boat ride. Meanwhile, on the Italian beaches, the FdI executives are defending the budget for the first ten months of the executive’s action. The campaign is called “winning Italy”.

“We are working to restart the economy. The data of the last few days show, for example, that thanks to the Meloni rules against the crafty VAT numbers, the open and close ones, 1,500 have been found and closed, out of another 500 they are investigating in depth », underlined Giovanni Donzelli under the gazebo set up in Pescara. The Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, from Bari instead assured that the government “since the beginning has paid attention to the phenomenon of expensive petrol”, defending the decision not to cut excise duties: doing so, he argued, “does not favor the most paradoxically weak, but favors those who make more petrol who are usually those who have more powerful cars».

A thesis decidedly contested by the oppositions, who are waiting for the center-right to step in when, from September, after the launch of the Update Note to the Def, the maneuver will begin to take shape. Autumn will be “challenging”, admitted Meloni, who will soon have to keep his majority aligned on delicate dossiers such as the second part of the justice reform (separation of careers and prescription of hot topics), ratification of the Mes and management of migrants . After the first budget law, along the lines of the one set by the Draghi government, there is now talk of a 25-30 billion euro budget. But in the majority it is not difficult to admit that it is not easy to find the resources. Also from this point of view, the prime minister launched the taxation on the extra profits of the banks with a blitz. Approximately 3 billion in revenue is estimated. And similar interventions in other sectors are not excluded, such as the pharmaceutical industry. But this time, the prime minister guaranteed, with the prior agreement of the allies. It is certain that Meloni has already set the priority of the maneuver: to strengthen the purchasing power of families, with the aim of making the cut in the contribution wedge as structural as possible. Among the nodes in the background remains the question of the minimum wage, pending the Cnel’s proposal on poor work, expected by the premier before the budget law. Meanwhile, the opposition petition for a law setting the minimum hourly wage at 9 euros is approaching 300,000 signatures, says the dem Antonio Misiani, according to whom «the government and the majority have so far thrown the ball into the stands. But this little game can’t go on indefinitely.” For the leader of Si, Nicola Fratoianni, Meloni “discovered the magical world of reality”, given that “a year ago these days, in the midst of the electoral campaign, he pontificated about naval blockades, elimination of excise duties, flat taxes, loose proclamations such as snow in the sun”. And even from Action they question the solidity of the executive’s plan for the maneuver. «The government – notes Daniela Ruffino – is preparing to prepare a budget law with the proceeds of excise duties on fuel, some taxation on the extra profits of the banks (by the way: how much are the taxes on the extra profits of energy companies?) and the savings deriving from ‘abolition of the Citizenship Income’.