On January 20th the municipal administration of Cosenza will name the garden surrounding the fountains of Piazza Europa after the Hon. Dario Antoniozzi


By John

Next January 20th the municipal administration led by the Mayor Franz Caruso will be named after the Honourable Dario Antoniozzi, which passed away on 25 December 2019, the public garden surrounding the fountains of Piazza Europa. With this title, a follow-up is given to the council resolution with which the Mayor Franz Caruso and the municipal administration, on the proposal of the Councilor for Urban Planning Pina Incarnate, have traced the direction for the naming of some city spaces. A process that was also closely followed by the President of the Urban Planning council commission Francesco Turco.
“We felt it was our duty to name a space in our city – underlines Mayor Franz Caruso – after the Honorable Dario Antoniozzi, an eminent and authoritative national and Calabrian politician, a leading exponent of the Christian Democrats, who has held prestigious government positions as Minister of important departments , such as tourism and entertainment, cultural and environmental heritage, scientific research and agriculture. His activity as a national and European parliamentarian is also very important – added Mayor Franz Caruso. In this latter role, the Hon. Dario Antoniozzi was among the forerunners of our country’s pro-European turn, so much so that he left his post as minister at the time of his election as a European parliamentarian in 1979, thus dedicating himself to Europe. Within the Strasbourg assembly, the Hon. Dario Antoniozzi was a member of various commissions, from that for external economic relations to that for budget control, to the commission for institutional affairs. Cosenza, where the Hon. Dario Antoniozzi, despite being a native of Rieti, moved with his family because his father Florindo reached the city of the Bruzi as general director of the Cassa di Risparmio di Calabria e di Lucania, is profoundly grateful to him, because it was during his tenure as Minister of Entertainment that in 1977, the “Rendano” theater obtained recognition as a traditional theatre. With the next dedication – concluded Franz Caruso – the city wants to express its gratitude to one of the most enlightened institutional figures not only of our territory, but also of the region and of the entire country and who has been able to represent it in all the contexts in which its political, administrative and human action has unfolded and had the opportunity to express itself”.