For the single allowance you do not need a new application, instead you need a substitute declaration


By John

To obtain the single and universal allowance for dependent children in 2024, a new application will not be needed but the one already submitted in previous years will be valid.
Instead, you will need the updated Single Substitute Declaration (DSU) because in its absence you will only receive the minimum amount from March. INPS clarifies this with a circular giving the payment dates for this year. Users will have to communicate any changes to be included in the application (for example for the birth of a new child).
It is not necessary – explains the INPS – to submit a new AUU application for 2024, provided that the application already submitted is not in the status of lapsed, revoked, renounced or rejected. For the purposes of determining the amount of the benefit, «it is necessary to present a new single substitute declaration for 2024: in the absence of ISEE, INPS warns, the Auu amount will in fact be calculated from March 2024 with reference to the amounts minimums required by law.
If the DSU is presented by 30 June 2024, any amounts already paid will be adjusted from March with the payment of the arrears”.

Important: the tax return must still be submitted, otherwise, automatically, there is the minimum amount

As regards the installments of the single allowance in the absence of changes, the following payment dates are expected in the period January – June 2024: · 17, 18, 19 January; February 16, 19, 20; March 18, 19, 20; April 17, 18, 19; 15, 16, 17 May; 17, 18, 19 June. The payment of the first installment will normally take place in the last week of the month following the application, with the amount of the installments due being credited in the event of an adjustment, both credit and debit.