Operation “Black Water” in the Vibo area, environmental controls: flurry of complaints and seizures


By John

Large-scale environmental controls are underway in the province of Vibo Valentia within the scope of the named operation “Black Water”. This is an activity arranged by the regional leaders of the Territorial and Forestry Corps and conducted under the coordination of the Prosecutor Camillo Falvo. In addition to the Carabinieri of the territorial and forestry line, the Special Departments also took part in the activity, in particular the 8th Helicopter Unit, the NAS and the Carabinieri Tutela Lavoro. The checks carried out so far have led to significant results in terms of environmental protection, especially in places where livestock farms are located where animals are raised for agricultural or production purposes.

In Dinami, a farmer was reported for having poured hundreds of cubic meters of manure directly onto the land without authorization. Furthermore, an unauthorized discharge of liquid waste from the sheepfold was identified. Improper disposal of manure can cause pollution of ground and surface waters due to the release of excess nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, and can contribute to emissions of greenhouse gases, such as methane and nitrous oxide.

In Soriano Calabro, another farmer was reported for the unauthorized disposal of animal carcasses and for the absence of the zootechnical manure spreading plan. On the same farm, the NAS Carabinieri contested administrative violations for an amount of 1,500 euros for an unauthorized deposit of milk lacking hygienic-sanitary requirements. Furthermore, the suspension of the activity was ordered pending the decisions of the health authority and the area was subjected to seizure;

In Rombiolo, a drainage pipe used illegally to pour animal waste with white water until it flows into the Ruffa stream was seized. In this case the business activity was suspended and the owner reported for having also employed foreign workers who were not in compliance and without a residence permit.
The effective coordination between the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Vibo Valentia and the Territorial, Forestry and Special Line Force is laying the foundations for a more sustainable environmental future in the province. The “Black Water” operation is the continuation of the environmental campaigns already conducted in the province (control of purification plants, coastal activities and oil mills) and once again consolidates the unity of purpose in actively combating environmental violations and promoting the protection of the local ecosystem. Environmental protection is a shared commitment and the strong bond between the judicial authority, the police and citizens – increasingly sensitive in reporting risk situations – creates a fundamental synergy to address such complex issues.