Overview of the 2024 European elections, Renzi (re)opens to Calenda: “If he wants an agreement, we are there”


By John

«I don’t have any personal problems with Calenda. Even though he left a few things unfinished, he suddenly broke up the Third Pole federation, of which he was president. Do we have to spend a year on this soap opera? No. If we want to make a single list, I’m in, we’re in. If Calenda is not available, with all the love for Calenda, do what you think, if you don’t want to make the agreement as friends as before.”

The leader of IV, Matteo Renzi, said this on Porta a Porta, broadcast tonight on Rai Uno.

Justice theme

“If Nordio – added the former Prime Minister – brings the separation of careers into the chamber, I vote in favour, if he brings the rules that if a magistrate makes a mistake, he pays a vote in favour”.