Palace of Justice of Reggio, a signature to complete the works. Deputy Minister Sisto: “It’s the right time.” Falcomatà: “A right denied and reacquired”


By John

«For Reggio Calabria it is an important day: I strongly wanted today’s signature, with which the Municipality cedes to the State Property Agency the surface rights on the land on which the Palace of Justice stands. It represents an achievement, compared to the commitments made in recent months during the meeting with a local delegation; but this signature also constitutes a new starting point to finally be able to complete, after too many years, the works on the new Palace of Justice and restore a fundamental guarantee of legality to Reggio Calabria». The Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordiothus presents the signing of the agreement this morning in Reggio Calabria; the deputy minister, Francesco Paolo Sisto, was present as his delegate. It is the same deputy minister who signed the deed and attended the press conference in the Court of Appeal, which was also attended by the president of the Reggio Calabria court Olga Tarzia, the attorney general Gerardo Dominijanni and the director general of the ministry of Justice Massimo Orlando.

«It’s the right time, we have finally woken up what seemed to be sleeping». These are Sisto’s words released to Gazzetta del Sud on the sidelines of the meeting. The deputy minister then added that «today we are able to start again to deliver to the city of Reggio Calabria an important structure that will make justice better to which the technical structure, in addition to the rules, also contributes. This will give citizens more confidence.” The representative of the Meloni Government ensures maximum attention to ensure compliance with the timetable that has been drawn up for the delivery of the works, i.e. two and a half years. “We can simply try to be vigilant – declared Sisto – it will be a continuous work in progress, such as monitoring the work, which applies to all judicial building works”.

The mayor of Reggio Calabria Giuseppe Falcomatà also shares the same opinion. The new Palagiustizia, stated the mayor, «is a right denied to the entire Reggio community for too long. I as mayor have the duty to face it and resolve it together with the institutions. A journey that began many years ago, a situation that became gangrenous over time. Today we are aware that this is the most significant work among those planned between now and the next few years for the entire metropolitan area and for the whole of Calabria. We apologize for the accumulated delays, we will follow the works with all possible interest, from start to completion».