Paola city council, ok to the forecast budget. But it is a clash between the Democratic Party and the majority


By John

The political clash between the majority and the Democratic Party, which has so far remained on the sidelines of the meeting, also opens in the Council. The city councilor Renato Vilardi he reports how it was decided to no longer guarantee support for the current administration: “I will decide accordingly according to the choices of the party”. Vilardi then passes to the opposition. To reply to the councilor is the group leader Marco Minervino who, explaining the exit from the Democratic Party – in addition to him, Maria Rosaria Città left the Democrats – and joining Together attacked the former party “some expressions lead to social hatred”. Then she added: «there was no betrayal on our part».
And again to the Democratic Party: «he found a useful starting point (in the hospital) for a pool of consensus that he did not instead find in the story of the Santomarco tunnel. Someone glosses over the fact that in 2008 Paola lost her gynecology practice». And she closed: «without“ creating ”problems, it is not possible to expand the basin of need».
It was then the mayor’s turn who presented Filella and thanked the former councilors Francesca Sbano («worked properly for the general interest») e Barbara Sciammarella to then reassure Vilardi “any projects in the interest of the city will be carried forward”. Former mayor Robert Perrotta on the political crisis: «someone has raised a problem. The Hospital. We need to plead the cause.” Finally, he praised Sciammarella for having given up on the councillorship, recalling how in the past someone did not (referring to the current councilor Alessio Sama). The adviser Marianna Saragò he reported how more time was needed in the commissions to analyze the documents and the points on the agenda. On the alienation of assets: “we are unable to understand whether or not they are available to the entity or not”. The points on the agenda, including the 2023-2025 budget, all passed by majority vote.