Messina, the song and author’s music of Mobrici enchants the Corallo garden


By John

Romanticism, self-irony, a careful look at unresolved social issues, with ecology in the foreground, the peculiarities of the songwriting of Mobrici (full name Matteo Mobrici), tonight at Giardino Corallo of Messina with “The years of Christ tour”, tour of the last disc, for the billboard of the Municipality “Messina. City of Music and Events”.

An artist poised between the intense notes of songwriting and the communicativeness of Pop, the former frontman of the indie pop band Canova brought to the stage a story in music of personal events, with feelings and questions typical of his generation, for a story to share with the public, from start to finish. Featured her second solo album, with the opening performance of “Sexe” and “Luci del Colosseo”, followed by “Anna Meraviglia” from 2021. “Each song is a leap into the past, which makes me see the faces I know and describe in my music,” she told the Messina audience as she sang old and new songs and pieces from the former group’s repertoire in unison. In the lineup, from the last work, “Figli del futuro”, “Piccola”, the battistiana “Luna” and the collaborations with Vasco Brondi and Fulminacci, respectively, in “Amore mio dove sei” and “Stavo pensiero a te” (Fabri Fibra), together with songs from the first album “Even the monkeys fall from the trees” (2021), such as “20 100” and “Povero cuore” (sung on the album with Brunori Sas from Cosenza). From the Canova repertoire, Mobrici proposed “Vita sociale”, “Manzarek” and “Threesome”. To accompany Mobrici, Paolo Carlini and Francesco Pellegrini on guitars, Matteo Lorenzi on drums and, on bass, Valerio Mina, musician from Siculiana Marina (Agrigento).