Paola Cortellesi remains at the top of the box office: “There’s Still Tomorrow” flies towards 30 million

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By John

There’s Still Tomorrow, the film by Paola Cortellesi, confirms itself as the event of the year and remains at the top of the weekend box office, collecting 1,552,745 euros and now sailing towards 30 million in takings (29,545,179 euros) , according to Cinetel data. Surprise debut in second position for Take Flight, the new animated film by Benjamin Renner (Ernest & Celestine), starring a group of ducks who suffer from the difference of views between the lazy head of the family Mack and the adventurous mother Pam, with 1,666. 320 euros in four days of programming.

Napoleon, Ridley Scott’s historic blockbuster, slips into third place, bringing in another 1,179,727 euros, exceeding the ceiling of 7 million in total (7,103,687). Debut in fourth position for Woody Allen’s new film, A Stroke of Fortune, with 1 million euros over the weekend (1,137,034 in five days in cinemas), followed by Cento Domeniche by Antonio Albanese (382,262 euros over the weekend, for a total loot of 1,662,966 euros).

It loses three positions and is sixth in The Hunger Games – The Ballad of the Nightingale and the Serpent, which has to settle for 378,749 euros (5,418,490 euros in total). In seventh position is another new entry in the top ten of the week: Suddenly I’m Getting Married at Christmas, the comedy by Francesco Patierno with Diego Abatantuono captaining the family saga in the sequel to Suddenly Christmas, with just over 300 thousand euros (299,441 in the weekend, 314,045 in five days in theaters).

Closing the top ten is The Grandparents’ War, the comedy by Gianluca Ansanelli with Vincenzo Salemme and Max Tortora, eighth with 237,439 euros (603,307 overall), Diabolik – Who are you? by Manetti, in ninth position (222,507 euros over the weekend, 635,093 total) and Palazzina Laf by Michele Riondino (with 166,203 and 421,477 euros respectively). Overall, box office growth, at 7,663,500 euros (+3% compared to last weekend, when it reached 7,420,287 euros). The plus sign was also clear compared to a year ago (+72.09%), when the box office had collected 4,461,060 euros.