Papanice-Crotone: meeting between institutions to resolve the problem of the connecting road


By John

A meeting took place – between the Mayor Vincenzo Voce, the Government Official of the Papanice hamlet Antonio Megna, the councilor for Public Works Rossella Parise and the Councilors Antonio Mazzei and Alessia Lerose – concerning one of the atavistic problems of the community of Papanice, roads and alternative roads to connect the hamlet with the city of Crotone.

The plan road (PRG) envisaged at the time of adoption of the plan itself way back in 2003 was examined for which a summary estimate of the intervention will be carried out and a request will be made for inclusion of the work within the Three-Year Plan of Public Works 2024/2027.

Remembering that Papanice today only has a single exit towards Crotone and a single stretch (via Pietà) which must necessarily be crossed to move from one part of the hamlet to another. We have therefore come to the conclusion that we need to start scheduling interventions aimed at resolving the problematic road system in Papanice. The meeting also took stock of the works that will be underway shortly, such as bituminisation and expansion of public lighting..

The meeting took place in a cordial atmosphere of maximum collaboration as already stated by the Councilors Antonio Megna, Antonio Mazzei and Alessia Lerose during the meeting held in recent days at the Papanice Delegation which saw them discuss and unite their forces, regardless of the political colors represented by each, for the problems of the Papanice hamlet.