Paragone resigns from Italexit: “Without money you can’t sing masses, I’ll go back to being a journalist”


By John

“We were born as a party of dissent, on the wave of Euroscepticism and the protests against the Green Pass. Now that space in the center-right no longer exists”.

As Gianluigi Paragone explains in an interview with La Stampa the reason why he gave his “irrevocable resignation” from secretary of Italexit, the Eurosceptic party he founded three years ago. «When you leave Parliament it becomes a choice – he continues -. It was an impossible challenge: a new party that stood on my shoulders. Yet on our own we reached 2%. Now I write for Libero e il Tempo, I have written a book, “Moderno Sara Lei”, and then I go on TV.” The decision was communicated to the Paragone party «on Friday evening, in the management. Online because we can’t pay for everyone’s travel – he concludes -. Without money you can’t sing masses. And then on the eve of the European elections this majority voted against the ESM, something symbolic. A very heavy decision, a hostile act towards Europe. I must recognize the great courage of FdI and the League.” Finally, regarding a possible candidacy for the European elections, he specifies that “regardless of the polls and the proposals they make to me, I have already chosen not to run”.