Pd Cosenza, Acri Unity Party deserted by many big names


By John

The Democratic Party certainly has no lack of desire to build a solid house with foundations well planted in the ground. A safe home, in short, capable of keeping the elements at a safe distance, only to then discover that rain and storms arise right inside the home, where Lari and Penati often argue. And so it can happen that a Unity Festival finds little correspondence in the facts, diminishing the true meaning of the event. Which in itself contains the desire and vocation to maintain a cohesive coalition, involving, in party discussions, above all the base, the backbone of every institutional force.
In practice, however, it becomes a complicated exercise to bring together the various souls of a political family under the same roof. And this also happens in the local Democratic Party, since the fracture that arose between the Bruzia Federation and the Democratic regional councilors elected on the banks of the Crati is far from being healed. Last Monday and Tuesday in Acri, in fact, on the occasion of the Provincial Unity Day, the Cosenza component of the Democratic Party sat among the benches of the Citadel, made up of Franco Iacucci And Mimmo Bevacquawas absent, although the initiative was attended, by virtue of the presence of the regional secretary, Nicola Irto and the parliamentarian Paola De Micheliready to launch the appeal for unity especially in view of the upcoming elections.
Invitation also reiterated by the provincial secretary, Vittorio Pecoraro, that if on the one hand he was deeply satisfied with the outcome of the event (for some, however, the participation was not so large), on the other hand he said he was saddened by those empty chairs, referring to Iacucci and Bevacqua, who had now risen for some time on the Aventine to contest the team fielded by Pecoraro, set up to support him in the role of tenant of the Federation, in fact, orphan of the area pertaining to the two regional councilors and poorly representative even of the riverbed attributable to the former sub- commissioner, Maria Locantoapparently not invited, as was the Controcorrente di association Antonio Tursi, which will be, the latter, tomorrow in Acquappesa at the presentation of the Hon’s book. Giuseppe Pierino on Fausto Gullo.