Reggina, Versace: “Cannizzaro’s intervention late and by now irrelevant. Unfortunately we continue to play with the passion of the fans”


By John

“I have read the speech by the Honorable Cannizzaro. I am pleased that he has emerged from his torpor today, after a long period of absence and deafening silence, and that he has finally entered into the merits of an affair that has been going on for a long time now and which has seen us fighting on the front line with a well-defined strategy. His latest intervention and his “tight diplomatic action”, to use his words, are also welcome, even if unfortunately it is clear that the hypothesis of restitution of the companies to Saladini at this point it appears completely late and in some respects now irrelevant. NUnfortunately, there is no time to start negotiations for the sale of the company to the consortium of entrepreneurs, a solid and credible group, who had expressed interest in our shirt. And this could clearly also influence the future fate of the company”: Thus the acting mayor of the Metropolitan City Carmelo Versace.

“Tomorrow the decision of the Council of State will be decisive – added Versace – in the event of a negative outcome the shares will still return to Saladini, it would have happened in any case even without Cannizzaro’s intervention, in the event of a positive outcome however Ilari could still recant, as it has already happened on numerous occasions. Unfortunately the parties involved, himself first and foremost, are proving to be unreliable. And the fans, the city in general, have noticed this. Unfortunately we continue to play with the passion of thousands of people, trying to gain a little bit of visibility or personal glory. And this, objectively, is the saddest thing.”