Petilia Policastro, 36 year old in possession of drugs arrested by the police


By John

The Carabinieri of Petilia Policastro they arrested a 36-year-old local man in flagrante delicto on charges of possession for the purpose of dealing drugs. Shortly before, he had been noticed by the soldiers of the Carabinieri, engaged in a patrol service in the city streets, intent on giving up two wrappers in exchange for some banknotes to another person, who turned out to be living in Turin.

Immediately, the military stopped the two and, after a thorough personal search, found two packages containing just over 1.00 gram of cocaine in the pocket of their trousers, while in the pockets of the other’s clothing 120 euros, proceeds of the previous drug dealing activity. The 36-year-old is under house arrest.