Polls, the Cosenza Democratic Party is thinking of a working group


By John

It will not stop in Cosenza, as well as in other important cities in Calabria. It would have been superfluous, also because a large part of the democratic Bruzia ruling class, if not all, will gain Vibo Valentia in the days from 1st to 3rd September, therefore from Friday to next Sunday.
The reason? The national secretary of the Democratic Party is ready to land in these latitudes, Elly Schleinmain actor of the party’s regional celebration, called to seal that much-vaunted unity of the coalition, always pursued but never fully achieved.
And so the presence of the former vice president of Emilia Romagna could act as a catalyst for the various components of the Democratic Party, especially on the banks of the Crati, where the dispute between the Federation and the regional councilors elected in the Cosentino has been airing for months now , Franco Iacucci And Mimmo Bevacquawhich also involves the former sub-commissioner, Maria Locantoamong the first to support Schlein’s climb towards the Nazarene.
In fact, local administrators, trade unionists, mayors, city councilors, the same exponents of the Citadel, Iacucci and Bevacqua, the former representative of the Region, and leading exponent of the Democratic Party, will move from the Bruzio capital to Vibo. Carlo Guccione, the former parliamentarian, Enza Bruno Bossio and many other PD militants, including, obviously, the provincial secretary, Vittorio Pecoraro, who, having been thrown into the fray, recently made an appeal to Iacucci and Bevacqua, as we report in the fact sheet, to dig up the hatchet and everyone proceed in the same direction. The clash arose the day after the composition of the team set up with the aim of assisting Pecoraro himself in the role of coordinator of the Federation, in whose organizational chart, however, the political area attributable to the two regional councilors does not appear. The recent Unity Festival held in Acre revealed these gaps, which now require a great deal of willingness to engage in dialogue to bridge them.