Prevention and fight against gender violence: the commitment of the ASP of Messina


By John

On the occasion of the initiatives dedicated to International day for preventing and combating gender violence (25 November), the Asp of Messina, on Monday 27 November, in the hall of the Patti hospital, will hold a meeting that involves the professional community as speakers and participants, to present the Company’s commitment, through the system of its local and hospital services on the topic of preventing and combating the phenomenon of gender violence.

In the local area, the Family Counselors are the sentinel services to which women turn for an initial welcome and listening and which have an elective role in school programs of emotional education: the multi-professional teams, in fact, promote within the classes paths of reflection and awareness on the issues of relationship education and gender equality. The most recent corporate project “Listen to your body and follow me”, financed by the Sicily region, has made it possible to intensify interventions in schools and to implement consultancy spaces dedicated to the new generations. All this accompanied by a significant social communication campaign that used smarter and friendlier language.

The ASP is then committed to taking charge of the problem with the emergency rooms of its hospital facilities, distributed throughout the province, equipped with dedicated procedures, such as the Pink Code and with specialist services aimed at psychological support, the preparation of the trauma and taking charge of witnessed violence and, therefore, of the little ones.

The ASP services, again, in the various local contexts, are networked with the other institutions involved (law enforcement agencies and social services of local authorities), with the Listening Centers (CAV), the Shelter Houses and the sector.

The Health Company has also established the Company Technical Table with precise tasks of coordinating the company policy for the prevention and fight against gender violence which operates with its 4 working groups dedicated to monitoring procedures, training and communication, health education and research and development. The Company’s Single Guarantee Committee itself, with specific institutional tasks regarding initiatives for equal opportunities and the fight against discrimination, promotes positive actions aimed at all company staff for the promotion of gender equality and the fight against discrimination. In this context, the event on Monday 27 November recalls the sense of a daily commitment to reiterate that for Corporate Health Services every day is 25 November.