Protest in front of INPS in Cosenza against the abolition of income. Over 1,000 citizens (5,000 in the province) without compensation


By John

Dozens of people demonstrated this morning, in front of the INPS headquarters in Cosenza, against the abolition of basic income. There are over a thousand people from Cosenza who will no longer receive compensation and five thousand in the whole province. During the initiative, a woman, a former income earner, ate cat biscuits, because «I will no longer have the possibility to go shopping, I don’t want to work illegally anymore and until someone finds a solution this is the situation. I don’t want to be supported by the state, I just want a job. I paid the last utilities thanks to a friend who lent me the money».

“Let’s dispel the myth that we are slackers,” he said Louis Guglielelli former benefit recipient – why me I have a degree, I have two masters, I speak three languages ​​but I can’t find a job because I’m 56 years old. I’ve sent hundreds and hundreds of resumes and six companies have replied that I’m too old. So I ask the government and in particular the president of the Calabria region what he intends to do for his fellow citizens who are in the same situation as me. «There is a social emergency that mainly concerns rents – said Ferdinando Gentile Usb – because landlords are already sending out eviction notices because they no longer have warranty. Furthermore, there is a lack of work, there are no investments and therefore the less measure will not allow people to live in dignity”.