In Bisignano the drug is also grown in the garden, an 18-year-old under house arrest


By John

In the Municipality of Bisignanothe Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Rende – assisted by the canine units of the Vibo Valentia Nucleus – have arrested in flagrante delicto, for cultivation and possession for the purpose of drug dealing, an 18-year-old local.

The soldiers were able to locate a cultivation of indian hemp hidden under the olive trees inside the land adjacent to the house of the arrested person. They were found during the search 9 plants sown in the garden of the property, with a height between 2.50 and 2.80 meters whose foliage resulted to have a gross weight of about 12 kilograms. A real greenhouse for cultivation was found in the bedroom of the suspect in door of the plants, equipped with a ventilation, lighting and heating system, as well as fertilizers and specific equipment for cultivation.

The infallible nose of “Batik”, the Belgian shepherd in service at the Vibo Valentia Carabinieri Dog Unit, has made it possible to find other Approximately 24 grams of marijuana, divided into doses and already dried and ready to be sold. Also found i precision scales and the cash amount of 1,511 euros in banknotes of different denominations, seized as it was deemed to be the proceeds of the illegal drug dealing activity. The plants, the drug and all the useful materials found were subjected to seizure. The drug will be subjected to toxicological analysis.

Once placed on the illegal market, the many kilos of marijuana potentially produced and sold at retail would have fetched several hundred thousand euros. The young man, at the disposal of the Judicial Authority of Cosenza, was subjected to the House arrest.