Province of Crotone, night of verdicts: Ferrari wins. Here are the newly elected members and their preferences


By John

Election time for the Crotone Provincial Council. After yesterday’s late evening dedicated to the classic show, the verdict on the elected councilors has arrived. The list in support of the mayor of Cirò Marina gained a lot of preferences, Sergio Ferrari.

Provincial councilors elected with preferences:

List in support of Ferrari (Idea Comune Territori at the centre)

Fabio Manica 9,484
Umberto Lorecchio 8.139
Raffaele Gareri 7,137
Antonio Ceraso 6,585

List in support of Vincenzo Voce (In Provincia Crescere)

Vincenzo Familiari 5,391
Iginio Pingitore 4.403

Support list close to Noi Moderati (Il Grande Centro)

Mario Megna 6,200

List of Brothers of Italy

Saverio Punelli 5,267

Pd list

Andrea Devona 4,686