Provincial elections in Cosenza, Fuorivia gives up the race


By John

The withdrawal a few hours before the vote. The conditions will also have changed, as stated in a meager statement from Palazzo dei Bruzi, the fact is that Raffaele Fuorivia (candidate on the Provincia Democratica list) will no longer attempt to climb the square 15 March. Decision made yesterday, two days before the opening of the polls for the renewal of the Provincial Council, scheduled for tomorrow, in fact, and ready to decree the new shape of the assembly. Fuorivia (exponent of the PSI, Mayor Caruso’s party), leader of the Garofano group among the benches of the municipal assembly, was one of the five aspirants for a seat in the former Government Palace, belonging to the centre-left majority.
The renunciation of the race appears to have been taken in concert with the council group, in order to better focus the objective and bring at least two area representatives into the civic assembly of the Province. Yes, because there are three others still at stake, namely the outgoing Mimmo Frammartino, Gianfranco Tinto in the Democratic Party and Giuseppe Ciacco, also gravitating in the orbit of the democrats but in fact belonging to the mayor’s team, in whose list he joined at the time of the administrative elections, in the same way as Frammartino, who then moved to the mixed group. Caterina Savastano also appears in the ranks of the local executive, a member of Azione, the political movement founded by the former minister, Carlo Calenda, determined, it seems, to support the center-right while maintaining a position of autonomy.