Psc, first step towards Greater Catanzaro. But the political balance weighs on the project


By John

It is a Catanzaro that tries to look beyond its borders starting from a reorganization of its territory through a new mobility network and a general relaunch that only adequate territorial planning can provide. The model of the Great Catanzaro, so dear to the administration led by mayor Nicola Fiorita, will have to deal with various aspects, none of which are insignificant. Starting from tomorrow’s meeting – the first – of the Planning conference from which the opinions on the preliminary document of the Psc. This document also includes, in fact, the Greater Catanzaro, that project which involves the “belt” of neighboring municipalities with which to design a system of services that can give life to a broad, homogeneous and integrated reality. And it has already taken some steps, starting with culture.
But the picture appears both ambitious and fragile. The creation of transport infrastructures and networks at the level of a regional capital and of a city that intends to take charge of its vast district will have to converge in it. Alongside the planning that identifies the specific vocation and regeneration objectives of unfinished and abandoned buildings for each neighbourhood, what is at stake is a mobility called upon to become sustainable but, above all, efficient and modern. The surface metro currently under construction will play strategic roles in this, which will have to contribute to radically changing the urban transport system and acting as a connection with the large number of users who travel to the capital every day by car, motorbike and bus.