Psc of Catanzaro, the Sala neighborhood “glue” of the territory and intermodal hub for traffic flows


By John

Close to the historic center but still in a strategic position for the entire city area. Even observing the cartographic table included in the preliminary document of the PSC, the area of ​​the Sala district is confirmed as potentially crucial for the transport system of the regional capital. A role that has always been intuited but never fully developed, except through individual stations unrelated to each other.
The perspective that emerges now, with the indications contained in the document which was illustrated by the designer at the beginning of the past week Sergio Dinale to political forces, is that of the creation of an intermodal but integrated reality in an overall mobility system which will therefore have a strategic hub in Sala. The objective established by the municipal administration and included in the preliminary document is clear: the nucleus of Sala as an intermodal hub.