Purification in Sicily, here is the new commissioner (and the two deputies). Schifani rises up: “Names without preparation”


By John

The professor Fabio Fatuzzo it’s the new one sole extraordinary commissioner for purification in Sicily. This was established by a decree of the Prime Minister, which formalizes the appointment decided by the Minister of European Affairs Raffaele Fitto, in agreement with the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security Gilberto Pichetto. This was announced in a press release by Mase.

In addition to Fatuzzo, from Catania, president of Sidra SpA and former parliamentarian, the Structure called to carry out the collection, sewerage and purification of urban waste water in the water agglomerations subject to Community infringements also consists of two new sub-commissioners: Salvatore Cordaro, ex regional councilor, and Antonino Daffinà (long-time accountant and politician in Vibo Valentia in Calabria, right-hand man of the president of the Occhiuto Region)

Appointments that did not please the president of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani: «I learned that the national government recently appointed the purification commissioner and two of his deputies. My great amazement consists in the fact that we have passed from Professor Maurizio Giugni, full professor of hydraulic engineering, and therefore endowed with extremely high competence and preparation on the extremely delicate sector which sees Sicily particularly involved, to a former parliamentarian who, in full respect of his prestigious career, does not present any specific preparation. I hope that the national government will carefully reflect on these choices”. “The same applies – adds Schifani – for one of the two deputy commissioners who, former councilor in the Musumeci junta and then no longer re-nominated, presents himself as a former politician with brief knowledge of the matter acquired in the turn of his institutional role”. «Not to mention – comments Governor Schifani – of the second deputy commissioner, a Calabrian politician completely unaware of the matter, but close to the politics of that region. The task of managing the purification presupposes great specific and independent professionalism, as it also embraces episodes of delicate and timely financial management”.

Meanwhile, Minister Gilberto Pichetto wishes “good work to Commissioner Fatuzzo and to the new Structure, which carries out an extremely delicate technical-administrative activity”. “Our country – adds Pichetto – today pays penalties to Europe for its defaults in the sewage and purification fields: a cost above all environmental, which impacts on the life and economy of many territories, mainly located in Sicily, Calabria and Campania” . “With these appointments – concludes Pichetto – the government wants to continue with determination the action of regulating the water agglomerates, knowing that around the care of the common good water is played a great game of development”. Lastly, the Minister thanks the previous Structure headed by Professor Maurizio Giugni for the work done.