Quality of life, Reggio sinks


By John

He gains a position, but always remains in the top ten of the bottom of the rankings. The city of the Strait is ranked 101st in the analysis with which “Il Sole 24 ore” photographs the quality of life in cities. Parameters that highlight how disparities have grown, almost on a par with the distances between the north and south of the country. Indeed that of Reggio is not the worst “report card” of the Calabrian cities. Fifteen indicators tell of families and businesses crushed by high prices and the uncertainty in which the global geopolitical situation raises the barriers of prudence. The role of Cinderella for services to vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly, together with the lack of innovation and both economic and cultural poverty contribute to making the Reggio area an unattractive place. And so the hemorrhage of young people who pack their bags ever more often and ever earlier continues inexorably. For years now.