Cinema and Opera, a combination seen by eight designers: the exhibition curated by Bonaccorso at the “Messina Film Festival”


By John

The Messina Film Festival Cinema&Opera, inaugurated on December 1st (it will end on the 8th) and divided into different sections, pays particular attention to the contemporaneity of opera, ensuring the programming has the right mix between works from the past and a contemporary vision of the melodrama, despite the idea that this genre is followed and loved only by an audience belonging to a certain age group.

During the opening of the Festival on Friday with the exhibition “Bellini al Cinema”, the exhibition “Designers at Work” was set up, curated by the “Officina del Sole” association which brings together a large group of young professional designers. who, despite working with top-level publishers abroad, want to continue to stay in Messina.

Lelio Bonaccorso, together with 7 colleagues, created the exhibition consisting of the reinterpretation, according to each individual’s stylistic signature, of some posters of the films present at the Festival or, more generally, of films linked to the world of opera.

The designers, in the wake of the great Italian tradition of cinema poster artists, are Lelio Bonaccorso himself (Harakiri by Fritz Lang), then Carmelo Chillè (The Most Beautiful Woman in the World), Michela De Domenico (Medea), Fabio Franchi (The Phantom of the Opera), Manuela Germanà (The most beautiful woman in the world), Giuliana La Malfa (Fists in the Pocket), Martina Messina (Callas Forever), Valentina Perrone (Senso). As a window onto the world of creatives, a short film competition focused on the world of opera was launched which has also attracted significant interest among younger filmmakers who have constructed stories set in melodrama.

The competition between the five selected short films will take place on 4 and 5 December. Judging the works in competition is the jury made up of Marco Dentici (President), Eugenio Tassitano and Elvira Terranova. Meanwhile, the other events continue and today will be a particularly intense day for the prestigious event.