Record-breaking Cateno De Luca, 17 symbols on the list for the European Championships: from Pensioners to Mister Valleverde


By John

This morning during a press conference in the Chamber of Deputies, the leader of the South calls the North Cateno De Luca together with the president of the movement Laura Castellito the deputy Francesco Galloto the Sicilian parliamentarian Ismaele La Vardera presented the other political forces that have chosen to join the project “Freedom” for the Europeans.

The joining of new faces to the “Freedom Front”, the political project in view of the European elections on 8 and 9 June, has been announced with great enthusiasm. Among the prominent personalities who have decided to join the Freedom Front are Paolo Silvagni, owner of the Valleverde shoe company and representative of the Moderate Party of Italy, as well as Piera Aiello, former M5s deputy and witness of justice.

Furthermore, Giacinto Boldrini of the Pensioners Party, Enrico Rizzi, animal rights activist, Luana Guzzetti and Mauro Beccari representing Noi farmers and fishermen, Roberto Bernardelli of the Great North, the journalist Francesco Amodeo, the Vita movement, also join the Front. and Together Free.

The Freedom Front is enriched with new voices and new energies, ready to carry forward a vision of Europe based on legality, social justice and respect for citizens' fundamental rights.

“Every symbol in our manifesto is a spokesperson for an important message. They are stars in the firmament of freedom. Others wanted to be with us but in their own way. We must be inclusive. Let's start from the principle of not doing to others what they have done to us – he underlined De Luca. We have another 14 requests for inclusion but we will probably stop at 17. On April 4th we will have the last press conference to make the latest memberships official and on April 6th at 11 am there will be the opening of our electoral campaign for the Front of freedom in Rome in Piazza Santi Apostoli”.

“We are having many important dialogues on the issues and what we want to achieve in Europe”, explained ScN president Laura Castelli. “The protagonists of this project are united by the desire to be able to bring to Europe those issues that up to now have not only been ignored, but that no one has managed to raise.”