Reggina is smiling again even away from home


By John

The victory against Real Casalnuovo for Reggina almost sounds like a new attempt for football to emerge among the off-field issues. Those that for the moment arouse the greatest attention of the fans, also and above all because too soon the amaranth team had to say goodbye to their dreams of glory for this season. The various interests in the acquisition of the Reggina 1914 brand, now in judicial liquidation, open the horizon to possible new chapters in the history that La Fenice Amaranto hopes that it will culminate with the definitive investiture as heir of the over one hundred year old amaranth history, after only being so in pectore this season.
Change of name and brand, despite being different elements, remain the two sides of a hypothetical same coin and of an event of the football summer about which there will be something to talk about. Obviously waiting to understand who the other protagonists who will come into play will be. The reference is to those who, in addition to the current ownership, will eventually concretely try to acquire the Reggina brand. The certain protagonists at the moment remain those who go on the pitch with the amaranth shirt.
The success against Real Casalnuovo interrupted at least two negative trends. The first concerns the matches played away from Granillo, which in the calendar year 2024 and therefore in the return round, had generated a less than exciting journey characterized by one victory and only defeats. The success was the comeback against Licata, the only joy among the defeats against Siracusa, Sant'Agata, Trapani and Vibonese. All teams in the top positions against which the Amaranths, regardless of whether at home or away, have almost always lost throughout this season. Precisely on this front, the away victory against Real Casalnuovo allowed them to beat a team that, before the match, was fifth in the standings. It had never happened that Reggina managed to get the better of an opponent who was so high up. Better late than never. And it is a bit like the completion of an evolution that today sees the amaranth team having achieved a playing identity and found a basic formation. Circumstances that allow them to be undoubtedly the best team in group I after the first three, as the continuity of results is also demonstrating. The latter is worth more than the success against Real Casalnuovo in the analysis of the situation, taking into account that in Campania there was also a pinch of good luck that favored a deserved victory.
Fourth place (ever closer) remains a disappointing result for a club that represents Reggio Calabria in Serie D and not even all the well-known justifications shift the objective parameters that determine the evaluation. However, we will have to wait until the end of the season to analyze every aspect clearly and without frenzy. The team still has the possibility of trying to get the most. Both in the last games of the regular season and in the playoffs. The group will return to training today at the Sant'Agata sports center.