Reggina is struggling to take shape and the climb depends on the right reinforcements


By John

It’s not yet time to make a drama out of it, but Reggina is approaching the second week of July a little further behind than expected. Not so much because there is no time to build the team or to define all the logistical-organizational aspects, but because they were hoping for a signal that would represent a clear line of demarcation between those who represent Reggio Calabria and the amateur world where, in the first days of the season, everything goes slower than in the professional categories. Only one announced purchase (Bruno Barranco), date of the gathering and location of the retreat not yet communicated (we are waiting for Sant’Agata) and many aspects that to date tell us that perhaps no “Reggina effect” has materialized on the championship.
No one in the past has ever started defeated, but it is clear that today the general perception of the role of the Amaranth club in the next tournament is distant from that which in the past have had other famous teams that have restarted from the D and have dominated the tournament. Also because, as already highlighted, this will be the real year of the restart for the Amaranth.
In any case, the pitch will speak for itself and there is still time to speed up. This second week of July seems like it could be the right one to change gear. Starting from the opportunity to transform the questionable silence of these weeks (acceptable only for amateur teams and Reggina should want to be as little as possible) into a communicative opening towards the fans on the occasion of the press conference to present coach Pergolizzi.
Today, among other things, the season ticket campaign opens, reserved for the over 3,000 season ticket holders from last season. A choice that probably focuses on a sense of belonging, but that seems to go against the trend of certain logics. The entire transfer campaign could have been used (assuming that it is destined to be important) as a lever to raise the morale of a team that still has to absorb the disappointment of ten months in which it lost the B and saw only a fourth place in Serie D.
The “perceived” framework risks not allowing even the best messages coming from the amaranth environment to pass through First of all, the presence of a team that has a high-level core and the next purchases destined to increase the strength of the squad. After Barranco, we await the announcements of important under players like Malara and a top-class player like Laaribi. Forgione, on the other hand, is moving away for the midfield, whose choice seems to be to stay in Abruzzo. In amaranth, on the other hand, the central defender Bonacchi is arriving, who won the championship in Campobasso with Pergolizzi and it is now only a question of details. While waiting for the definitive picture on the market, the horizon that can be glimpsed is that a strong team is being built, but that to become very strong it still needs several important players. Also because we must not forget that only winning the championship matters.