Reggina, it won't be a useless playoff final


By John

Siracusa-Reggina, however things go, will be the last act of the 2023-2024 season. The value of the Serie D playoffs remains an unknown, but for many reasons the “De Simone” match cannot be considered an insignificant match.
In the meantime, achieving the feat would mean putting an important contender for the repechage behind us in a hypothetical race. Then there would be various expectations to take into account: that relating to the criteria for accessing Serie C from the back door and the possible availability of free boxes.
First, however, there is the field. The match against Siracusa will be a very different match from the one played in Vibo. On that occasion the Amaranths had the courage to attack the rossoblu's ball possession high, often winning the ball back in areas from which it was easier to orchestrate the offensive play.
The Sicilians are not a team that plays as well as Buscè's. On their side, however, they have many experienced men, a high ability to read the different moments of the match and above all a battery of offensive men capable of striking at any moment.
The paradigm is probably the challenge that Reggina lost in Syracuse in the second round. The match ended 1-0. The Sicilians did not play a brilliant match, but gradually managed to increase the forcing by benefiting from two aspects: the amaranth decline and the possibility of raising the offensive potential with substitutions. All this despite the absence of top players for the category such as midfielder Aliperta and center forward Maggio. The match was decided by a free kick from Alma a few minutes from the ninetieth minute.
The championship ended with a 10 point gap between Siracusa and Reggina.

The measurement of the performance of the Amaranth team must always take into account a false start dictated by all the contingencies that characterized the first part of the season. The tangible proof comes from the results of the second round, although Siracusa at a certain point he may have suffered the impossibility of continuing to fight for first place with Trapani.
In the second half of the championship the Aretusei scored 38 points and the Amaranto 33. The striking figure is that of the goals scored: the Sicilian attack which is full of great performers stopped at 34 goals scored, the Amaranth one reached 36. In the first round Siracusa had scored 45 goals, compared to only 16 by the team coached by Bruno Trocini.
Numbers which, beyond the final ranking, say that the game is underway. Obviously the indisputable strength of Siracusa remains. Especially at home where this season they have achieved 14 wins (plus 1 in the playoffs with Acireale) and three draws.
Appointment. Today at 11.30 am in the Salone dei Lampadari the series on Franco Iacopino's 42 years in amaranth will be presented. The historic manager will talk about his long experience with the club of which he is also a fan in a docu-interview with journalist Michele Favano. The proceeds from “Iacopino Reggina Story” will be donated to the Chops Malattie Rare Foundation.