Illegal advertising systems in the Catanzaro area, the hypothesis of fiscal damage is being considered


By John

One step at a time but the specter of possible fiscal damage also looms over the affair of the illegal advertising installations identified in the city area. At Palazzo De Nobili we reflect on the choices to be made, maintaining a prudent attitude and without going overboard, at least on this aspect. But at stake are millions of euros that have never entered the municipal coffers over the years, because no one would have “thought” about collecting them.
According to an estimate made by the tax office just over ten years ago, around 2.5 million euros per year in revenue could have been expected just for the 6×3 billboards, precisely those that ended up under the scrutiny of the local police which will now continue checks also on the other plants located in the city. Being able to recover part of it now would give oxygen to the coffers of the organization which could plan its use for services to citizens.
The situation appears delicate. In the meantime, we should understand the time period affected by the abuse. According to what has transpired so far, someone would have started paying a tax for the posting of around 300 euros per year, without however paying the other fees due under the Highway Code and for building purposes in the urban planning context. In the absence of any evidence for a possible amnesty, the payment of this posting tax could be useful for precisely identifying the time frame in which the abuse would have been carried out and thus initiating a recovery action which, in any case, would be difficult could break the barrier of the last five years.