Reggina on the edge of optimism, we need to have the overs at maximum


By John

The victory against Licata left Reggina with a thread of optimism for the future. We can see progress in terms of the game and the performance of the individuals. This is a tournament where those who want to stay close to the top must create a gap between themselves and those who don’t have the potential to stay in the top two or three positions. The next races will serve to understand if the new Reggina has the potential to raise its performance to the point of being able to keep up with the leaders.
You need to have the overs at the maximum. With a few exceptions, in the first few days the delay in fitness led to disappointing performances from the players from whom more was expected for their career path compared to the size of Serie D. The sign that something is changing can be found in the second goal scored last Sunday. It all stems from Mungo’s intuition who, with the defense lined up, sees a movement from Barillà and serves him like few could do at this level. The captain’s reading of the game is from another category and this is demonstrated by the suggestion that became the assist for Marras’ winning strike.
The growing physical condition and the understanding between the amaranths which will inevitably become ever greater are elements that give us hope for the future. There has often been talk of decisive unders in Serie D, but the reality of the facts is that, by having young players who do as little damage as possible, it is the most experienced who shift the balance. Just think of the difference made by Nino Barillà in the last match against Licata or the top scorers. And if you can only have one of Barillà, understood as his time in Serie A and a sense of belonging without limits, there are many good, more experienced players who can give Trocini a big hand. Also because in recent matches the coach’s tactical vision is also emerging, skilled in grasping and exploiting his characteristics. Deploying, for example, the captain in the atypical role behind the strikers is the choice of those who intend to capitalize to the maximum on the midfielder’s innate ability to insert himself.
Then using Zanchi, who has always been a left back, as a central third ensures the rearguard has a defender with good football and capable of breaking free. A choice that is very similar to the one with which Stellone deployed Di Chiara in the back three a couple of seasons ago. And Zanchi is another over who is of a higher level than the average of the D. As is Ingegneri, not to mention the goalkeeper Martinez (now highly appreciated by the fans). But the list is long and everyone can contribute a lot. Now is the time to deliver results.