Reggina on the wave of poker victories. All the doubts about Trocini's training


By John

Two games at the end of the regular season for Reggina. The penultimate round is played tomorrow at the “Granillo” against Sancataldese. The amaranths are experiencing a week of preparation that resembles the others experienced in the last period.
The four consecutive victories give serenity and a new success would count above all for morale in view of the playoffs. Much more than for the ranking, where the team is certain of fourth place and will hardly be able to attack Vibonese's third place. Today is the day of Bruno Trocini's press conference. The training week had what has now become the usual alternation between the “Sant'Agata” and “Granillo” sports centers. Yesterday work was done on the green rectangle of the stadium, while today the finishing will take place in the structure in via delle Industrie.
Trocini should have the entire group at his disposal. Although it is not an important race in terms of points up for grabs, the amaranth line should not change. The orientation, barring surprises, will remain that of sending the best team onto the field.
This means that we will see an eleven very similar to those initially deployed in the last few games. Assuming a trident already made up of Renelus, one between Bolzicco and Rosseti in the centre, and Provazza, the real doubts are in midfield.
There is likely room for an under between Zucco and Perri, plus two shirts between Barillà, Mungo and Porcino. The latter is now a real wild card for all areas of the pitch where the presence of a left-handed player is required.
In defense there could be the return of Martiner. The class of 2005, who has been an unmovable starter for a long time this season, was replaced by his peer Rana in the last two matches due to some physical problems he had.
This would reconstitute the back pack that became the starting one when it was decided to deploy Martinez in goal again. With the goalkeeper over, focusing on two full-backs under and therefore returning to give space to Cham again has become a necessity.
Signs of improvement are expected from the rearguard after some slip-ups in the last few races. Nothing decisive for the result, but the fact that a few too many chances were conceded against both Canicattì and Locri was a little overlooked.
Loss of attention and errors that do not call into question the value of two superior category central defenders like Adejo and Girasole, but which are a warning for the future. In the playoffs we cannot afford to concede much to opponents who have a superior offensive value to the teams we have faced in recent times.
Also because, among many data that mark the amaranth recovery of the second round, there is one that is not exciting. Only on three occasions out of fifteen matches did the goal remain clean. The encouraging number is the two clean sheets in the last three matches, although Martinez's saves were decisive against Real Casalnuovo and Canicattì. The skill of a goalkeeper increases the strength of a team, but it is always advisable to try not to ask him to work overtime.