Lamezia, the Municipality ready to hire those suitable for regional competitions


By John

Shortage of staff in the offices in via Perugini, a problem that has unfortunately persisted for several years and which the Mascaro administration has tried to overcome by using the rankings of regional competitions. In practice, to implement the 2024 requirement plan and therefore to hire new staff units that are so necessary for carrying out the administrative activity, the municipal body has decided to use the rankings of suitable non-winning candidates from other bodies including the Calabria Region.
This is a pragmatic and quicker solution compared to holding a competition which would certainly have taken longer. By virtue of this, the institution will ask those who were declared suitable in the competitions organized by the Region but who did not win, if they are interested in being hired by the Municipality. For some procedures, the conclusion will already be reached in these days with the signing of the contracts and the hiring into service.
Among the professional figures paid attention to are those of administrative and accounting instructors, social workers, traffic policemen. The discussions between the Municipality and the Region to access the rankings of suitable candidates have already begun some time ago. This is because current legislation provides that a bilateral agreement is required to use the rankings of other institutions.
There should be around twenty new hires in the municipal offices between one phase and another; a certainly small number for the administrative needs of a town of over 70 thousand inhabitants.